[Missing] Baby’s First Ultrasound

I went in for my first ultrasound at six weeks and one day. The OBGYN wasn’t my regular OB. She wasn’t very warm. Here I was, ready to have my very first ultrasound and she wasn’t very excited to give me one. I casually mentioned that I had been feeling a little bit of weird pressure on my left side and that the midwife had set me up with an ultrasound to try to rule out an ectopic pregnancy. Immediately she responded, “Well, did you she mention that we might not be able to rule it out?” I felt a little dumb and a little dejected. No, the midwife hadn’t mentioned that, but it made sense once she said it aloud. I think I mumbled an embarrassed “yes” as she washed her hands and asked me to slide to the edge of the table.

As she was rummaging around inside my uterus, she asked me if I had “a history of fibroids?” I didn’t know if I had a history of anything in my uterus, as this was my first ever ultrasound. She also mentioned that I had a high uterus, again making me feel like I knew nothing about my own lady bits, even though we had spent many years together, navigating the world together.

She showed me the ultrasound below. She said that she was having trouble determining if the spot where the arrow is was an empty gestational sac, a fibroid, or that it was just too early to see anything. She said that she’d like me to have another ultrasound at the hospital, where they have better imaging equipment (and professional ultrasound technicians, which no OB will mention to you that they’re not the best at reading ultrasound images) and that she’d like me to come back to measure my hCG level.


I left feeling discouraged, worried, and confused. I came home & spent a lot of time reading about other people’s experiences on pregnancy sites and Googling “fibroids” and “high uterus.” I felt unhappy with how the doctor had treated me. I continued to have a little pressure on my left side, but no other ectopic pregnancy symptoms (spotting, cramping, pain).

I contemplated my next move and hoped that fibroids were hiding my baby (spoiler alert: they weren’t).


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