My Days & Pregnancy Swag

I made an appointment to see my OBGYN after I got the double line on the pee stick. I’ve read that some doctors won’t see you until you’re ten weeks or some crazy shit like that. Luckily, my practice doesn’t do that and saw me when I was just a little over four weeks. Just word of advice, if you’re not using an App to keep track of your lady bit’s life, I suggest download the My Days App immediately. You’ll never cock your head to the side and wrack your brain again with the confusing question, “What was the first day of your last period?” again.


Download me! I’m amazing! 

At my first appointment, I didn’t get to see a doctor, but had a prenatal meeting with a midwife. She was really nice and excited for me. I peed in a cup, got blood drawn, and we discussed healthy pregnancy habits. She also asked me if I planned on breast feeding. When I answered yes (who wouldn’t answer yes, in fear of major judgement), she gave me a tiny cooler filled with pregnancy swag. Again, I felt like all of this was a little presumptuous, but who was I to argue with a tiny cooler full of goodies (some mothers have told me that these breast milk coolers are great at holding beer too)? I casually mentioned to her that I was feeling a little bit of pressure on my lower left side  (side note: Thank goodness I mentioned this! Rule of thumb: Always share things with your doctor!). She asked if I’d like to make an appointment to have an ultrasound to rule out an ectopic pregnancy. I agreed that would be a good idea, as I’m a highly anxious person. She made me an appointment to come back the following week and I left with my new pregnancy swag, feeling pretty thrilled to have my very first pregnancy appointment, unknowingly growing an embryo inside my Fallopian tube.


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