So you’re pregnant.


So you’re pregnant. Or I am. Or so I was, rather. Let me start over. CONGRATULATIONS! That’s what people I chose to share this information  with (an extremely short list, mind you) would shout at me right away.

I get it. It’s an exciting time. I mean, I was super pumped to pee on this stick (yep, that stick in the picture above) & get a double line, don’t get me wrong! I just felt really weird with people congratulating me about something that wasn’t here yet and something that I didn’t really “do” to earn a congratulations. I mean we did “it” a lot to get that double line, but my partner & I had already high-fived about it, so people “congratulating” me felt odd.

“Let’s wait & see how this pans out” I thought to myself. And I was right. Those congratulations were presumptuous. Still, people are nice and they’re being nice by saying “Congratulations!” What else would they say? “I’ll congratulate you in nine months, after you shove that thing through your once intact lady bits!” I digress.

But let’s get back to you. I hope you’re here because you stumbled upon this blog while Googling information about ectopic pregnancies and you’re looking for helpful information. Well, I’m your gal. I spent many desperate evenings Googling symptoms and looking for answers. I’m just here to share my own personal story with an ectopic pregnancy. Please keep in mind that everybody and every body is different.

I hope this helps you in some way & I hope the ending to your story is different and happier than mine!


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