Are you down with hCG?

Yeah, you know me.

After the OB couldn’t see the fetal pole and developing embryo with the ultrasound at six weeks and one day, she wanted to monitor my hCG levels. Here are my levels & a chart for comparison of what they should be week by week. I was always in range, so it was difficult for my OB to rule out an ectopic pregnancy just by my levels, [lack of ectopic] symptoms, and an ultrasound with possible fibroids (which is why she recommended I go to a different facility with better imaging and technology, which I’ll discuss in my next post).

6 weeks
9/12- 1541hcg-levels

7 weeks


8 weeks





Something to note is that hCG levels should theoretically be doubling after every two days. My levels weren’t always doubling, but were slowly increasing. This was troubling to my OB, but she wanted to wait it out, as I wasn’t having typical ectopic symptoms. Seeing your numbers rise certainly is a hopeful feeling and I’ve read online about many different experiences that women have had with hCG levels and successful pregnancies. However, my OB and the ER doctor I saw on 9/30 said that my levels should definitely have been higher at 8 weeks. Again, that’s just their [expert] opinion! Everybody and every body is different!

During week six and week seven, I did a lot of scouring of the internet to read about the experiences of others who had had ectopic pregnancies. Many women didn’t have any symptoms at all and then suddenly felt a sharp, stabbing pain on one side. This happened to my college roommate, the night of my 21st birthday (which I spent in the ER with her, instead of in a bar, which was probably a good thing). She didn’t know she was pregnant, went to work and doubled over in pain, passed out (from blood entering her abdomen), and had to have an emergency surgery (her left Fallopian tube was removed) to correct the ectopic pregnancy she had no idea about. I tried to research at what week in their pregnancies women felt this pain, but the answers varied between six weeks and eleven weeks. Again, everybody and every body is different.

I never had an stabbing pain. I definitely felt “something” on my left lower side. When trying to describe it, I always felt like it was a Princess & the Pea pp
type situation. I could just feel something (pressure?) & it didn’t feel right.


I guess the moral of this fairytale is to be open about your symptoms with your doctor!


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